Albatron Turbo

Albatron FX5700p Turbo

“Tonite will be the first time we will look at a FX5700 card. We will compare it to some similar cards such as 9600XT, FX5600, etc… This will be interesting as we will compare it to so many cards and benchmark them to get a mid-range card winner. Oh yeah…I forgot; we will also test some overclocking

AVC Z7H2403012 Internal Prism Base Heatsink Review

“What is the newest trend in heatsink thermal design? Hint, it’s not heat pipes, prolific amounts of copper, phase change materials or cold forging – it’s…”

Albatron FX5700P Turbo

“This card is what we would classify as an entry model (and given NVIDIA’s current product structure, this seems to be their idea also), and compared to…”

QTechnology QT 02350G PSU Review

“ULTRA QUIET” power supply series. QTechnology, The Ultra Quiet power supply=99 has made an outstanding name for itself with excellent quality and high performance components. QTechnology, The Ultra Quiet power supply=99 offers you an extensive range of extremely quiet high end power supplies. Meet the new generati…

Technology Gold Series Power Supply

” The well cooled, quiet PC is what we are all after. Even if you use watercooling or quiet fans like the Panaflo line, there is still one componentthat may produce a lot of noise. This component is the power supply. Mostwho have bought a cheap PSU find that the fan overpowers all others in thecase. True you can solder in a new fan, but many computer users do not wantthat kind of a hassle. This is where Quiet PC comes in. They sent us a QTechnology 350 Watt Gold Series PSU. This PSU uses a 120mm to providecooling and quietness.”

Logisys SP 6000 Alien Sound System

“Logisys appears to be shooting for the specialized look of the high-end brand name Alienware rigs. While not exact replicas of their alien-dressed brethren…

Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink Review

“The idea behind the Silent Tower CL-P0024 is that cool air, eithernaturally or by aid of a fan, will cool the copper fins which in turn willcool the…”

Thermalright XP-120 P4 Heatsink – Exclusive Preview

“If you want to be competitive in today’s heatsink market, there are two H words that are fast becoming a must for maximum performance. One is Huge. The other is Heatpipe. Today, we’re taking an advance look at a heatsink that has both of the H words in spades. The XP-120 is Thermalright’s newest heatsink for Intel P4 systems, and looks primed to become the latest in a long line of winners from Thermalright. ”

Vantec Go 2.0 8in1 Card Reader Review

“Instead of transferring those vacation photos from the slow camera,throw your memory card into this USB 2.0 card reader. Zip through notonly compact…”

EPSON Perfection 4870 PHOTO Scanner Review: There Is No Limit to Perfection!
“This January in the gold-miners’ city of San Francisco EPSON Corporation unveiled its new scanner of the Perfection family, intended as the new flagship product of the series. The manufacturer targets the Perfection 4870 at “advanced” amateur photographers as well as at professionals. So let’s find out why this solution is so remarkable.”

Power Kit. Here is a snip from the review:”Obviously not satisfied with the less than stunning performance of the half-moon Waterchill, Asetek borrowed a design from a proven win…
SilverStone SST-ST30NF Fan-less Power Supply 

“SilverStone Technology, Inc. is a relatively new manufacturer based in Taiwan with a sales office in California. They specialize in designing low acoustic and high performance enclosures, power supplies and other accessories for PCs. SilverStone is probably best known for their line of Home Theater PC (HTPC) enclosures for which the new fan-less SST-30NF power supply may be targeted. ”

D-Link DI-624 XtremeG Wireless Router Review
“While the D-Link DI-624 802.11G router is chock-full of features, it also unfortunately suffers from several performance issues. Problems seem to be the…”

EPoX Bluetooth Gear

“A couple months ago, I was just entering the interesting and vast world ofBluetooth connectivity amongst a wealth of products from very different endsof…”

Jensofsweden Mp130 mp3 player 

“Once again Jensofsweden has decided to release a new mp3 player. I think this might be a winner if you look on the cosmetic perspective; but we will have to go deeper in and see how it works also. The new player is called Mp-130 and is a follow up to the popular Mp-110 mp3 player that was a big seller a year ago. ”

Transcend DDR500 PC4000 Memory (2x 256) 

“When you think about high-performance memory, there are a few names that come to mind: Corsair, Geil, OCZ, etc. For most people Transcend is not among…”

Spire Cooler SkiveStream 3

“As processors get faster, they produce more heat. This means that it doesn’t take long before the stock cooler that came with your cpu just doesn’t do the job as well as you might like. One of the first upgrades to a stock system is the swapping of the stock cpu cooler to a cooler that will move more air, thus keeping the cpu cooler. Quite often, in the world of coolers, size matters. Coolers are getting bigger and louder. But that’s the sacrifice you make to keep you system cool right? Not necessarily. Today we’re going to take a look at Spire coolers Skivestream III.”

Albatron FX5700P Turbo VGA Card Review

“Overclocker Cafe’ has posted their review of the Albatron FX5700P Turbo VGA card. The FX5700P Turbo follows the same thinking as went into the FX5900, cut back on the expensive features but leave enough so excellent performance can be had without breaking the bank. Here’s a snip of the review. Personally, I have found the ‘Auto Detect’ in the more recent NEDs to not even be close to accurate, so we explored the limits the old fashion (and very time consuming) way. Beginning with our 425MHz core and 650MHz memory speed we inched our way up to the wall of 477MHz on the GPU and 721MHz on the memory. This puts the Albatron 5700P Turbo at the same GPU speed as the Ultra model. If this is something you feel your readers would enjoy, a news posting would be appreciated. As always, thanks. ”

Designtechnica Editorial: Is Apple Really Developing A Video iPod?
“Alexander Grundner tries to sort through all the rumors and speculation to determine how likely Apple is to release a Video iPod.Rumors have been circulating…”

Painkiller @ Barrys Rigs-n-Reviews

“Heaven’s got a hitman and newcomer software studio People Can Fly has got a major hit on their hands with their debut title Painkiller, an action-packed…”

ATI Radeon 9600 XT 

“The arrival of ATI’s X800 and NVIDIA’s 6800 graphics cards have been taking up their fair share of the press. Everyone likes to read about the bleeding…”

Thermaltake Xtunner

“Today we are reviewing something that is new to me. We recieved a fan controller from Thermaltake which doesn’t have any fan knobs but is controlled by a remote control. This means you can sit on the couch and control the fans in your computer. Does it work? Well that is what we are here to find out. ”

C-Systems CSP750 Brushless DC Pump Review

“At the top of the CSP750 are inlet and outlet ports that are CNC helicalmachined to 1/4″ NPT. This provides for the use of both plastic and metaltubing adapters, typically without the need of additional sealing.Consumers have the option of using 1/4″ NPT adapters for configuring awater cooling system to use 3…”

XFX FX 5700 Ultra Review
“”The XFX FX 5700 Ultra is truly a gamer card, built by gamers for gamers but I wouldn’t limit its usage to just games, the dual DVI connections are perfect for any digital workstation.””

PimpRig Review // Enermax Noisetaker EG475AX-VE 475W PSU 

“The knob on the back lets you adjust the speed of the fans (yes both of them at the same time). When I turned it up to the “High” setting the fans became noticable. But on the low or middle setting they were totally silent.”Review URL // Image // http://reviews.p…”

Soltek SL-KT880E-RL Mainboard on VIA KT880 Chipset Review.
“We have just tested one more Socket A mainboard on a new dual-channel VIA chipset aka KT880. Let’s see how fast this Soltek solution is and what overclocking friendly features it offers. Can be better than nForce2 based products?”

Danger Den P4 RBX Power kit Review

“Danger Den’s RBX Power kit does exactly what it promises, it gives the end-user the best water cooling gear out there, allcomponents are of high quality…”

Creative MuVo 2 Compact FLash Mod

“A quick look shows us that 256MB MP3 players run from $120 to $200. The quality will be a crapshoot, but several reviews of the MuVo 2 have been quite…”

Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Ultra-64 Pentium 4 motherboard review 

” One of the major improvements over the previous version is the two 64-bit PCI-X slots, they are useful for high speed Gigabit Ethernet card or SCSI card. The onboard audio now is upgraded to 8-channel and powered by Realtek ALC850 Codec. As Serial ATA hard disks are more common in the market, the new Ultra64 now comes with six Serial ATA ports, four of them powered by Silicon Image 3114 chip which support RAID too. Last but not least, the Dual Power System Module now integrated on the motherboard and known as DPS-Gold, its six-phase power circuit will support larger electric current and increase system stability. ”

VIA Epia M2 12000 Review
“The VIA EPIA MII-12000 is the same as the EPIA MII-10000, except for two small changes, the 1GHz Nehemiah CPU has been replaced with a 1.2GHz C5P version…”

Be Quiet PSU 450W Colorline
“This power suply surprised me for the positive. This power suply is very nice for users who like modding as Overclocking, demonstrating a surprising stability. ”

Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP nF3

“It’s true, you’re not going to go from your Barton 3200+ to an Athlon642800+ and see a huge jump. But where the Barton core maxes out, the Athlon64core…”

Super Talent Memory Module Cooler Review at 3DX
“Today 3DXtreme has the pleasure of reviewing the Super Talent Memory Module Cooler. A lot of time and energy gets spent nowadays on cooling your CPU,…”

Designtechnica Reviews the MSI MEGA Player 515 MP3 Player
“The Mega Player 515 really is a diamond in the rough as it is clear that this one of the first MP3 player lines that MSI has manufactured. The engineering…”

GlobalWin SlimPC S27 MicroATX Case 

“It seems like in the world of technology everything is getting smaller and more compact. This resizing has created a need for slimmer and lighter computer cases. These smaller cases have recently found a following in the HTPC market. Today will be taking a look at one such case, the SlimPC S27 from GlobalWin. ”

Albatron GeForceFX 5700P Turbo Videocard Review
“There’s good reason for this, namely that Albatron has taken it upon themselves to produce some of the best overclocking videocards we’ve ever tested….”

The Cutting Edge Tsunami Window Reservoir Review

“The Tsunami Window Reservoir is very well constructed and consists of 3pieces of cast acrylic joined together with a water-tight seal. Theacrylic is…”

OCZ Technology PowerStream 420Watt PSU Review

“We take a look at OCZ=B4s venture into the PSU world; their first unit is packed with features, comes BTX ready and looksstunning; how does it perform?…